Initial Evaluation

In this comprehensive exam, Dr. Edwards will evaluate your/your child’s profile, bite, jaw and teeth alignment.

He will explain all treatment options, if he feels treatment is necessary. He is very conservative and often feels it is best to wait until a child has more permanent teeth, etc., to begin treatment.

On the other hand, there are also many cases where early interceptive treatment can be very beneficial during the child’s growth stage. He will explain all of this to you, when necessary. Afterwards, you will be welcome to ask any questions you might have, and then the fee as well as the various payment options will be discussed.

If you are ready to begin treatment, you can usually take your records on the spot, and even get some of your braces put on in most cases. Remember to bring any current (no older than 3 months) xrays with you to the evaluation. That will save you some money.